Guidance on the epilation process

Most of the people don’t even have an idea about the process of epilation but epilating is an important process that everyone should know about it. This is the easiest way to remove the hair from their tip.

Before using the epilator, you have to know how to use them and it is the device that is similar to the electronic shaver but the difference is the shaver is installed with the blades instead of that the epilator is contained with the rotating tweezers that are to pull your hair from their root.

Through the process, you can get even smooth skin. Actually, there will be a frequent question from the people side that is epilate before or after shower, epilation before the shower is the best option.

epilation process

Guide for epilation

You can make use of this guide if you don’t even have an idea about how to use it and this will be a beneficial thing for you.


The fact is that the preparation is the matter in everything so before you are starting with your epilation process you have to notice that how long is your hair. The epilation process works best up to the 5mm long hair. If the hair is too short the pain, you experience will be lesser than plucking from the long hair.

You can epilate before vs after taking a shower but make sure that you should not use hot water and dry you’re surrounding areas before using the epilator but using the epilator is the easiest and very consistent way to remove yours with less pain. There are multiple ways to do that and that includes the following things;

using epilator


Actually, the exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells from your skin with the help of some of the granular or exfoliating substances. The reason is why you should exfoliate your skin is the dead skin cells usually block the pores through which the hair grows.

For the expected outcome you can exfoliate your skin a day before or one week before you are planning to epilate.


Before epilation, you can do the shaving this is because the epilator can pluck the hair at only a particular millimeter in this case if the hair is too long easily they gat break. To prevent this pre-epilating shave is important that can help you in the plucking of your hair from the root using the epilator.

These are the important thing you have to understand about before going the epilation process and other than these methods still some more are there you can also make use of it.