How the laser hair removal affects your tattoos?

The laser hair removal is one of the effective methods used for eliminating unwanted hair from the body at the same time the laser technology is also used to remove the tattoos. In this case, it is the problematic combination, if you want to retain your tattoos the laser treatment over the inked area is not good.

You have to notice that these treatments are used for both and you should know about the thing that is the laser hair removal requires stronger laser than that is needed for tattoos removal.

When laser hair removal if you have tattoos is done there is a chance for damaging your tattoos and they can also disfigure your tattoos, sometimes it also burns your skin.


How laser affects the tattoos

The laser hair removal is getting attracted to the pigment of the hair that is present within the hair follicles, deep inside your skin.

When the laser hair removal over tattoo the laser cannot get differentiate your pigment that is present inside the follicle or the pigment that is in the ink and this leads to the pigment of tattoos to get scatter or get smudge. In some instances, it will reduce the color of the tattoos you have over your skin.

laser hair removal

It is possible to get laser over tattoos

The answer is it is unsafe for your skin and tattoos. The laser hair removal equipment is designed to remove the hair so that they cannot distinguish your pigments by this you may get injured due to lack of differentiation.

So if you planning to get the laser hair removal over the area you get inked to get the professional and expert suggestions.

Final thoughts

While planning for laser hair removal get it performed by the properly trained professionals to avoid getting injured or consult the dermatology or hair removal specialist for better advice.