Can you use any self-tanner on tattoo?

Most of the people wondering that self-tanner affects the tattoo. But the reality is you have to notice certain things to protect your tattoo. The main thing is tattoos are healed properly. If you use self-tanner after complete tattoo healing, it doesn’t affect the tattoo.

You have to take care of your tattoo during the healing period. This is very important. Otherwise, any self-tanning product will not affect the tattoo.


How a self-tanning product works?

The high-quality self-tanning product contains DHA. When the DHA meets the amino acid in the skin cell, the chemical reaction starts and causes the pigment. The pigment lives in the first layer called epidermis only. But the tattoo is injected in the second layer of the skin. So the self-tanner doesn’t affect the tattoo.

Tattoos are permanent because they are injected into the second layer called dermis. The needle may inject into the blood and the tattoo ink is specially designed to be too large that the white cells to be disposed of. So the tattoo is relatively permanent.

You can spray tan before tattoo, it will not affect your tattoo. So you no need to care for any self-tanner.

Self-tanner makes tattoo darker?

In case, your tattoo is very old or make slightly lighter, then sometimes the self-tanner may darken your tattoo. If you want to protect it from darkening, you have to remove the product with a towel as early as possible.

Final thoughts

You can make a color tattoos on tan skin, it will not affect your tattoo. But don’t use the self-tanner before making a tattoo, because it may cause any infection to your skin. So don’t use or get a fake tan before a tattoo. Use a tanner in a proper way will not affect the tattoo. So make your tattoo attractive and stylish.