Epilation / Hair Removal

Difference between epilation and depilation

You can find a lot of methods to eliminate the hair from your body. Both epilation and depilation involve the removal of hair. The hair has to be removed from the skin at a particular interval to make them look good and also for the introduction of new hair.

But in some cases, there will be the presence of unwanted hair which has to be removed necessarily. You can know about the difference between epilation and depilation from the following points.

Both the epilation and depilation involves the removal of unwanted hair from the body. Depilation is a process of removing the hair with the help of the chemicals. This can be used for shaving purposes. This depilates will make the disulfide bond in the skin which gets linked to the protein and give strength making the hair to get integrated.

epilation and depilation

Depilation will remove the hair from the skin without giving any pain, but when the product you use is not proper they will lead to side effects.

Epilation is the process of removing the entire hair which includes the layer which is present below the skin also. This will withstand for a more period when comparing to the depilation. The methods involve in epilation are waxing, sugaring, laser, threading, and so on. Sometimes the hair can be removed by plucking them with the tweezers.

There are two types of depilation non-chemical depilation and chemical depilation. In non-chemical you need not use the chemicals to remove the hair you can make use of the tool such as a razor or a tweezer to remove the hair.

While in chemical you need to apply the chemical which will be in the form of a cream or lotion. The creams will contain the chemical which will break the protein. For some people, they may cause irritations.

Epilation does not need all these chemicals, even though they need no chemicals after removal they will long last for more period when being compared to the depilation. When you do epilation Vs waxing epilation will be the best choice because they will be more beneficial.

Bottom line

These are the difference between epilation vs depilation in which both plays an important role in the removal of unwanted hair from the skin. The only thing that has to be considered is that you have to make use of the best product based on the type of your skin which will not cause you any side effects.