Tattoo / Waxing

Can you apply wax before a tattoo?

A tattoo is the latest trending among all kinds of age groups. In many cultures, the tattoo is one of the ancient practices and rituals. But nowadays it’s get established all over the world. It is like to express one’s individuality, passion, style, etc.

Some people said that waxing your tattoo skin will affect your tattoo. But this is not true. If you wax, it will remove the first layer of your skin and the tattoo is in your second layer. So it does not affect the tattoo.

Waxing pre tattoo

The skin is the main base for a tattoo artist. So you have to wax the area of the skin before the preparation of your tattoo. This will help the tattoo artist to work easily and perfectly. So waxing pre-tattoo is the best way to get a clear tattoo.


Waxing post-tattoo

The tattoo artist uses the needle to puncher the skin and injects into the second layer of the skin or dermis, the main thing is your skin is fully healed before you waxing over the tattoo.

The top layer of the skin will easily be healed within 2 to 3 weeks but the inner layer needs 3 months to completely heal. So you have to wait until your skin completely healed before applying wax.


Waxing over a tattoo

Some of the tattoo artists use wax after a tattoo to show it clearly. But some of the artists don’t apply wax. You can also use any body lotion to see a clear view of the tattoo. It doesn’t cause any effects to your tattoo.

Protecting the tattoo

You have to protect your tattoo from UV exposure. This will damage the look of the tattoo. You can use any sun lotions to protect your tattoo.  The wax before tattoo is a safe and simple way to get a perfect tattoo design.