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How the laser hair removal affects your tattoos?

The laser hair removal is one of the effective methods used for eliminating unwanted hair from the body at the same time the laser technology is also used to remove the tattoos. In this case, it is the problematic combination, if you want to retain your tattoos the laser treatment […]

ingrown hair
Ingrown Hair

What is and how to prevent ingrown hair growth

Most of the people used to get tattoos these days and they can get their tattoos based on their wishes. When you are getting the tattoo you have to know everything about the tattoo and after few days you can see the ingrown hair on tattoo. On seeing this most the […]


Can you put tattoo over small acnes?

In the trendy world, the tattoo is the more famous one. Most of the people want to put a tattoo in a different style. While planning to make a tattoo, you have to take care of some of the things. Some people want to make the tattoo immediately without having […]


Can you use any self-tanner on tattoo?

Most of the people wondering that self-tanner affects the tattoo. But the reality is you have to notice certain things to protect your tattoo. The main thing is tattoos are healed properly. If you use self-tanner after complete tattoo healing, it doesn’t affect the tattoo. You have to take care […]

Tattoo / Waxing

Can you apply wax before a tattoo?

A tattoo is the latest trending among all kinds of age groups. In many cultures, the tattoo is one of the ancient practices and rituals. But nowadays it’s get established all over the world. It is like to express one’s individuality, passion, style, etc. Some people said that waxing your […]